Stoop Tales (A-Woohoo)! Part 2: Creature of the Night

We’re still in the same episode from the previous post:

Just a casual evening read on the stoop. Clair has changed out of her fringed purple power suit and slipped her mom bod into this taupe palette.  I dig it. Why? Because the woman is wearing light grey cotton pant leggings with dark grey cuffs at the ankles and has paired her ensemble with a pair of silver pumps (meaning she changed out of her bronze pumps from earlier)—THAT’S WHY! Now lay off me. She’s reading and waiting for Cliff with what I’m going to tell myself is a tall-boy glass of red wine. 

This is what’s under the oversized sweater Clair sports when she returns to the stoop for her magazine read in her cross legged “waiting for my husband to return from work…but not in a desperate way…but because I love him and spring in NY is the best time of year” pose. I love that pose.

We have ourselves a light brown crocodile belt around the waist and a taupe/grey tunic with a fabulous sporty collar with snap buttons that stop at the bellybutton. Comfortable.

Not that I’m noticing or anything, but Clair owns gold, silver, and bronze pumps. I like to think of them as fashion medals.

Important: Clair changed OUT of her purple ensemble into this in tv magic seconds. Why? because she can and maybe the fringe was making it hard to prepare breakfast.

Hellooooo huge red cardi.

One more stoop tale, and it’s flashy.

"You’re gonna like the way Clair looks. I guarantee it."

-Clair’s Wearhouse 

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