Role Playing

Cliff and Clair want to teach Theo a valuable lesson about responsibility and how terrible the real world is when you become an adult. So they make an alternate reality where Clair plays an array of wacky characters-translation: Clair gets to wear all those weird shirts in the back of her closet and just get crazy with some bright prints.

Let’s face it, the wooden spoon is what makes this over the top.

Urban Miss Geist makes an appearance. Matchey matchey to indicate this furniture saleswoman she’s playing is a real ball buster with a big attitude. She’s basically like this 24/7.

Now after the whole charade is over and done with and Theo learns the value of money, hard work, and going to college, the fam has a quick recap. Clair is back to being Clair so go ahead and make sure you’re in comfortable clothes because you are going to want to groove so hard to the outfit m’lady sports.

REQUEST: Hit play on the tune below to get the full effect as Clair’s outfit is revealed to you. It helps and is the outfit’s theme song. So please… do yourself the favor.

I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd on Grooveshark


It’s like she’s trying to prove that the outfits from “earlier” were just for fun and joking around. We know Clair, but I’m not mad that you felt you had to remind us with this pink April O’Neil number.

It’s a Members Only Jacket on top and a classy ladies leisure suit on bottom. Puffy sleeves perfect for handling sodas and approaching your children with a friendly raised arm. That brown belt may be the MVP of this whole outfit. I’m loving the free flowing wide leg pant portion.

The jumpsuit/onesie is reincarnated and thank god. I was beginning to think Clair had run out of them, or even worse, she was “over them.” She looks phenomenal. She’s at her most functional.

And for the love of God I hope you followed directions and are now and forever listening to Color Me Badd.

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