Going for Gold

If there were a mom olympics, Clair would dominate—without a doubt.  She’d be the McKayla Maroney of her event (minus Sunday’s vault fiasco), soaring high and well above her opponents. She’s our very own Flying Squirrel when it comes to raising children and throwing sass. She’s our Carmelita Jeter running the household efficiently and better than most. May a large mom torch burn for you Clair!

Look at that orange beaming from her body. For optimum flower-grabbing, may your pants be bright and match your lapels. This outfit is floppy from top to bottom with a nice structured shoulder. Rolled sleeves (duh). Nothing sexier than a nice manila hued oversized oxford shirt with huge impressionistic flowers on it to remind you’re husband you’re in charge.  Looking like a trapper keeper never looked so good. 

Note: sexy cleavage-hiding undershirt matches pants and lapels. The only thing that could make this outfit better is if it were sewn together into a giant onesie.

Please rise for the national anthem of the United States of Clair Huxtable. 

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