Clair, as we all know, is a powerful, confident woman. A successful lawyer, a wonderful wife, and a fashionable lady. So it’s no surprise that with all of that comes a real attitude you don’t want to mess with.  Here is a small collection of Clair’s sassy looks.

So, the next time you have your fingers in the peanut butter jar without a shirt on, picture these.

Look how expressive her eyeballs are! 

Collar popped as usual, hand on hip, and a look that says “you’re being stupid.”

Uh oh, the index finger is out. “I WILL eat more than one cookie. Because I am wearing an enormous, droopy, and unstructured sweater cape-coat”

Oversized red jacket, other hand on other hip. “If you keep talking I am going to fall asleep.”

So condescending. 

Please note: Clair’s Season 1 hair (the last photo) is SO much better than her season 2 hair (the first three photos).

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