So Clair started a small garden in the backyard. Instead of tending to it in “normal everyday” clothes, which for Clair means a jumpsuit or chic ensemble with bold shoulder pads and wizard sleeves, she goes in a wonderful and unpredictable direction. She goes full farmer on us.  Is this outfit necessary?? Of course not, but if you’re going to garden why not take it to the next level and make it an experience.


Ladies, next time you’re gardening get out your oversized plaids, your light washed denim overalls, and your finest straw hat. It’ll really get you in the mood.

Wide-leg pant roll-up. Classic touch.


Classic Farmer toe-point reach. You see, although Clair is in baggy clothes and surprisingly not accentuating her waist, she reminds us that Farmer Clair is still the poised mom-style icon we know and love.  

The denim overalls allow for maximum forward fold flexibility for when your husband says something stupid and you have to choke him.

What delicate farming hands she has.

Please note the bandana wrapped around the hat. Taking this beach hat into farmer territory. Shows us some thought and purpose went into this ensemble.

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