Short story short: there’s a snake in the Huxtable’s sex cave ((bedroom) oh and to clarify, I do mean a real snake, not a male pee pee)). Lady Huxtable is terrified so she grabs two pillows and hides behind her doctor husband. ALSO, Phylicia is pregnant so she grabs two pillows and hides behind her costar so we don’t see that baby growing inside of her—y’know, the one Clair isn’t supposed to be having. 

Here we go.  Silk kaftan night gown with just enough “tenting” to make any lady look like a queen—or in this case a Fall leaf that has just elegantly floated off a tree. 

Loving that there’s a proper shirt collar attached to this silk body quilt. Best of all: solid and thick cotton wrist cuff to create a billowing elbow sleeve portion. 

I could lightly kiss that hand she’s “offering.”

Slightly turned up head with look of disgust not included—not for sale.

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