Phylicia vs. Clair. Battle of the Mamis

The time has come. Phylicia is pregg-oh, but Clair Huxtable is not. I knew it was coming, but I avoided the reality of it settling in.  And yet, here we are—first episode of season 3 and the “what enormous object can we use to hide that baby bump?” has already begun.  

ENTER HUGE BLUE BOX! Clair is flopping around in a wonderful fuchsia jacket/lab coat and a confident arm drape over the box. She doesn’t need to grasp at it.  Here we learn that real women don’t clutch things for dear life—Clair wills the large box to stay in place as her drooping arm decorates the prop. well done. 

holy shit. draping. insane pattern. dripping in gold. rolled sleeves with a surprise blast of fuchsia. knife accessory. baguette. fair enough.

Kitchen island hides baby bump. oh, and hello there, pants.

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    The pregnant episodes are my favorite.
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    How Naive is right lol Never fear, I am here and with plenty of time to devote to your fantasy posts
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    I thought about it too, but I didn’t think anyone would devote a post to it. How naïve of me lol
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    that JACKET. love.
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