Chore Outfits- “Choutfits”

If you’re gonna wear an apron around the kitchen, be a mom-style icon about it and wear your tribal/legends of the hidden temple inspired oversized loosey goosey jumpsuit (from the previous post). Make sure your chain necklace drapes OVER the apron. OVER the shirt. CASCADING down your cleavage.  

HUGE sleeves. Maybe store some cleaning supplies or vegetable oil in them.

And the beloved april o’neil onesie returns.  Clair, like a real mom, repeats outfits, and one of my favorite things is to be able to spot said repeats. This is just one of those casual days where although the chic pink jumpsuit is on, the rubber gloves are on too for some wiping/polishing (??).

Look at that form. Absolutely flawless. Straight back. 90° angle leg bend for lower back support. 130° angle leg extension for balance and “cool factor.” Arms are in a nice 45° angle for optimum wiping. Clair—a woman of geometry and fashion.

Look at what that collar is doing.

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