Orange You Glad Clair can Wear Orange So Well? Yes, you are.

There’s nothin’ like an enormous burnt orange blazer for a casual outing at the local track and field to see your husband lose at a relay race.  It’s nice to see that BOTH the shoulder pads and lapels are gigantic here. Very nice.

The linebacker-style shoulders are parallel to the floor and act as a delightful mantle for Clair to rest her head, which may be heavy with the weight of those sassy gold hoop earrings. Working. IT.

She looks so happy here. The weird part is that this is EXACTLY how I look every time Clair appears on screen.

Sassy bed face. This is that classic “My book is open, i’m only a few pages in so I’m getting into it, yes I’m wearing silk pajamas, yes they are burnt orange like my previous blazer, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the MOOD for you know wh….oh alright fine, get over here” body language that Clair can teach a master class on. Ah, to be a Huxtable.

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