She’s in the background but she might as well be in the foreground. Clair steals focus with an incredible “hand-on-hip-cross-legged-toe-point pose” that is almost religious in nature. I don’t even know what this scene is about—Cliff and some other guy are talking about something, but who cares? Clair watches on looking like this. 

Peachy-creme-beige ensemble that on anyone else would look like a holistic yogi mess, but not on Clair. Floppy, cinched, rolled up sleeves, a bold belt and necklace to tie in the whole look, and a thoughtfully long shirt to cover any possible mom camel toe.

Note: creme trousers tucked into black ankle boots. My hands are in prayer pose, my eyes are closed, and I am mouthing “thank you” like Britney Spears at the end of one of her concerts off the “…Baby one more time tour.”

Cheating towards the camera so that we may revel in the glory of that red accent belt. Huge necklace OVER the shirt. well done.

Here we see how her extra long oxford shirt/kaftan is channeling a Nehru jacket and providing Clair’s fave—a popped collar. Ladies, match your nails to your belt to your earrings. 

Look at how that hairdo, which I’ll admit is flirting with being a mullet, lightly cascades down the shoulder to tickle that necklace. 

Look below for the amazing and simple evening transformation this ensemble takes:

Now, if you’re going to add a jacket to your ensemble, this is definitely the way to go. I call this look Urban Elizabethan/Brooklyn Court Jester. Look at that patchwork and those ENORMOUS sleeves. Give this beauty a lute and I’d mistake her for a chic troubadour.

Sleeves provide full coverage for the back of your youngest child’s head.

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