Stoop Tales (A-Woohoo)! Part 3: The Return of the Sweat Suit

Our lady sports a Pumpkin (!) sweat suit on her stoop with the return of the Jade Cardigan we know and love.

Crossover Sideways Toe Point.

White socks, white generic mom sneaks.

Cliff is also in a sweat suit. The family that wears sweat suits together, stays together.

Camel toe included- free of charge.

Stoops are great for getting your squats in as you talk to your adoring wife about the kids.

Color blocking. Clair allows the sweat suit to act as the main attraction—no accent jewelry or small details necessary to add to the ensemble. When you’re wearing pumpkin, you’ve committed to it and there’s nothing to be done but just let that decision shine.   

Stoop Tales Trilogy complete.

What have we learned?

The stoop is the perfect stage to try some old standbys and some new work you’re trying out. From your classic loungewear pieces, to your ballsy fringey skirt suits. The stoop has no dress code—a pair of metallic pumps is just as appropriate as your favorite pair of tennis shoes. On the stoop, Anything Goes (starring Sutton Foster and now on Broadway. get your tickets, if you’re into that). Loungewear can be outdoor wear.

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