Stoop Tales (A-Woohoo)!

Have a napkin ready to wipe the drool off your chin, people. 

This episode took place mostly “outdoors” on the Huxtable stoop of their impressive brownstone. And by outdoors, I mean on a sound stage trying very hard and failing miserably to realistically look like their quaint street in Brooklyn Heights. 

First shot of the episode. Cue the applause. If you want to start an episode strong, start with a shot of Clair in a skirt suit and a casual yet smart ankle cross pose. From this wide shot I can already tell that this ensemble is stellar. I can see Lilac and tassle-fringe. I’m in.

And there it is. In all it’s glory and strength. Holy shit y’all. Oversized jacked with tremendous dropped shoulders. Cowgirl tassle-fringe drooping over the breast area like a luxurious curtain. Simple silk lilac top smartly tucked. Textured tweed skirt and jacket with various purple tones. Brown pumps. (Street lamp-hat not included). Look at that strong pose.   

It’s a matching skirt suit without the business attire look to it. THAT JACKET is so baller and jazzberry jam and it’s what elevates this whole thing to next level coolest mom realness.  

Look at that back tassle-fringe curtain gracefully swoosh with each confident step our lady takes.

Clair teaches us that it’s sometimes about surprising your “audience.” Offer your front half—may it be a statement that is astonishing, sexy, and loud. Allow your audience to recover. Then without warning exit the scene and offer your back half—let ‘em know it’s not over yet. “Oh the fringe you just saw hanging over my boobs? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention its also hanging down my back. Enjoy.”

The gathering at the bottom of the jacket makes this piece casual and youthful. It reminds us how hip our mom-style icon is. Also it creates some nice pleating down her butt. 

She’s so proud of herself. Collar is popped. Hair is delicious. Hand placement is perfect. A real lady doesn’t allow for accidental camera peek-a-boos. You get the Huxtable knees, but that is all.

Another angle to enjoy. Because why not? What an inspired look. Check out the purple square earrings matching the multi colored necklace. This whole ensemble is a one giant floppy statement piece.

Psssst, I have a secret I’m going to whisper to you: I think those fringe-tassles are suede. *wink*

Stay tuned for more Stoop Tales…there are more.

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