Mami knows how to accentuate her proportions.  Boxy on top, slim and sexy on the bottom. Granted, Mrs. Huxtable is blessed with a great mom-bod, but she must be credited with knowing how to work said mom-bod. 

This flower-patterned oversized beauty looks terrific on her. The flowers blend into the shirt and give a delightful twist to what would otherwise look like a plain old enormous oxford shirt.  

More importantly, The COLOR—which the internet and Crayola tell me is “JAZZBERRY JAM.”

That’s right, JAZZBERRY. JAM. That color is so Clair from name to hue. 

Warning: In future posts, I may or may not be using Jazzberry Jam as a figure of speech when referring to something that I find crazy, sexy, cool. “TLC is so Jazzberry Jam.” “Clair’s onesies are hella Jazzberry Jam.” “Matching your sweatsuit with your socks and your reading material is suuuuuper Jazzberry Jam.”

The small Jazzberry Jam ribbon-belt is creating that triangle shape we need in order to recover from the powerful jutting shoulders, and is reminding us that under all that fabric is a fantastic mom-bod. 

The size and placement of that knot is utterly perfect. 

Sneaky toe-point. It’s like she’s not doing it…but she is.

Sleeves have been cuffed below the elbow for a casual look. Only Clair can pull off a shirt like this.

Also: This woman knows how to wear a pair of trousers.

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