The Perfect Crime

Murder Outfit 101: How to commit crime-Clair Huxtable Style

Uh oh. Cliff has forgotten a major (incredibly minor) detail about their wedding day and mami is pissed. disgusted. Thanks to some structural padding, her shoulders are parallel to the floor to showcase her power and superiority. Hey, Floral/Graphic print, I hear you loud and clear—You’re a fun flowing tunic, you like attention, and I don’t mind giving it to you.

Gold Satin Pants for slippery and shiny comfort. Clair slips on a pair of spanking white gloves…what for, you may ask? To make a point?

This angle reveals the delightful Wizard Dolman sleeve that give the bicep a tremendous amount of room but tapers down to accentuate a feminine forearm. The floral/graphic print and the wonderful chunky necklace will distract your victim. They will be mesmerized by the fabric as it tents gracefully over your body and they will be impressed by your giant shoulders.

Gloves don’t leave fingerprints. No fingerprints=successful murder, or at least the kind you can’t get blamed for. The amount of sheer pleasure she gets out of those headlocks is astonishing and…sexy? sorry.

Murder Completed.

The best way to leave the murder scene? Leave like you own the place. Your finest fur coat, shiny gold stiletto pumps, glittering gold clutch, and a look that says “Murder what?” No one will think you did it looking this incredibly stylish.

All “joking” aside, this ensemble is pretty wonderful. Check out the amazing ankle cinching those silky gold pants are doing. They’re fitting and acting like a pair of sweat pants, and I like it. Clair is KILLING IT! (get it? don’t answer that).

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