Back to Basics

Cotton Candy pink SweatSUIT. Matching pink socks in a slightly darker hue. Generic mom sneakers. Oversized Jade Cardigan—yeah that’s right, JADE.

Clair elevates “home outfits” to an art form. Now in this ensemble you can receive a package from the UPS guy, have tea with an unexpected guest, greet your neighbor, yell at your neighbor, eat a sandwich,  vacuum, talk to your children, read, pet your dog, roll up your yoga mat, rescue a cat, think, and gracefully walk, all while looking great and feeling great. 

Note: You cannot garden in this outfit. For gardening there’s this 

Once again, Clair shows us how important it is that your reading material match your outfit. Note the lettering on the magazine. 

Simple, Comfy, Stylin,’ and matching the living room rug. Bravo. 

Most Important: Seated Toe-Point 

Someone could learn a thing or two about going back to basics the right way.

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